Create Your Own Website-Have you been struggling trying to create and build your own website and just get nowhere? This is a great post that will guide you with the necessary tools and an awesome course that will be of help to you for life. If you're tired of staring at a blank screen, you should read this post to get the tools to create your beautiful site within your budget.


Have you been trying to create your own website to start your own blog and don’t know how? Are you wanting to become an entrepreneur but are too afraid of not being able to start a self-hosted site? Or, you are currently a blogger or entrepreneur but feel that your website needs a fresh new look? Well, I’m glad you are reading this post. I was in your shoes at one time but was able to find a great resource through social media.


Yes, I like you was VERY skeptical and thought, “how is it possible that someone is going to teach me how to create my website if they are not here in person?” See, I’m a visual and hands-on learner, so I have to be watching what is being taught to me and actually do it while they are teaching me.


Seeing this promotion day after day and trying to ignore it, it just kept calling my name since I desperately needed to give my site a fresh new look. Therefore, I took that leap of faith and went for it! Signing up for the class was easy and right away I got access to the training.

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 The Resource

I had been searching different networks and videos to see if I could get something done on my own but felt extremely stressed out and almost wanting to throw my laptop across the room. Everywhere I would search, the cost was way out of my budget. Thinking I would never be able to find someone that I would be able to afford, I stumbled onto Rebecca Lutz through my social media newsfeed with her *Website in a Week Workshop (WIWW). Finally, someone that I was able to afford and I was glad I took the leap!

Website in a Week Workshop


She is technically savvy and knows what she is doing. Not only is she a genius with the technical aspect of creating a website but she enjoys helping others design their own sites to help them succeed.


Before being enrolled in WIWW, I had no clue about design, having a brand sheet or even what certain opt-ins do. She literally guides you by the hand and teaches you step by step the process of creating YOUR own website.


Not only will you have the training videos but you will have access to her by email and through a private Facebook group where everyone can help if they know the answer, as well as Rebecca.


Personally, I HIGHLY recommend signing up for WIWW as I truly learned how to have a better looking website and having a defined brand. I’m not recommending her only because this is an affiliate link, but I honestly got a lot from this workshop and still getting guidance from her. Why still?



All of this is waiting for you, the very moment you join:

Lifetime access to all 26+ videos of the Website in a Week Workshop online course (you can even start today and go back to it at ANY time you want! You have instant access to all of the lessons, in one convenient place)

✔ 3 PDF guides to enhance your learning

✔ Private member’s only Facebook group where you can ask her any question and receive ongoing website building and branding support

✔ BONUS course (6 lessons total + 1 PDF) to teach you how to create opt-in pages that convert! (Learn the fastest way to build an audience of excited followers and clients you love to work with!)

✔ BONUS copy worksheets to give you the framework for creating copy that shines!

✔ BONUS training videos, with guest expert Jessica Eley, where you will learn how to create copy that connects with your dream clients and compels them to excitedly want to work with you! Good copy and good design go hand-in-hand.

**UPDATE 8/17/2016:

BONUS Logo Design training! If you want to create your own logo, she has just added this training for you.

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Computer Tools

What you will need:

1. Join

Join the training here: Website in a Week Workshop (WIWW)

Don’t wait for tomorrow on what you can do today. If you truly want to be an entrepreneur/blogger with your name and brand plus an easy step by step training, then Rebecca Lutz’s Website in a Week Workshop is just what you’ve been looking for. She is really amazing and you will not regret taking the leap of faith that I took a few weeks ago.


I was in your shoes and believe me, I had been searching high and low but she really blew my mind with how affordable the workshop is and how easy she makes it for you to create YOUR OWN website. Don’t pay thousands of dollars to someone that will take weeks in creating your site when Rebecca can help you create yours for an affordable cost in just five days (depending on how slow or fast you do the training videos).


If you are ready to embark on a new journey or a fresh website, then click this link to start creating your site.

2. Domain/Host


If you are new and just starting, then you will need your own domain and hosting. Domain is the name of your website, for example: and host is where your website will be renting part of their space to hold all your files and blog posts. There are many hosting sites available but here are some that are recommended and have affiliation with: 

Bluehost. Right now they have a special that gets you hosting for less than the cost of coffee of only $3.95 per month, everything listed below plus more. Just click on the affiliate banner below to get your host through them and start your journey. I will mention that they are on shared servers and might go down but if you’re just starting, then you can try them.

  • FREE Domain
  • FREE Site Builders
  • 1-Click WordPress Install
  • 24/7 Support

***Post Updated 8/31/2016

Since then, I switched from Bluehost to SiteGround. They’re doing a special migration promotion from your current host for FREE! They will compensate up to six months from your previous hosting contract. To top it off, they’ll also transfer your domain for free which will make things easier to manage, and includes a one year renewal of the domain. No migration hassle, no downtime, free compensation and free domain transfer! This deal is only valid from September 1 to September 8, 2016 so don’t wait!

Web Hosting

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3. Website Theme

The theme is the design framework of your website. The one that Rebecca recommends for its flexibility and ease of use is Divi from *Elegant Themes. You will be using this framework while doing the WIWW, so you can purchase it now and have it ready once you are enrolled in the course. Don’t worry if it looks as if it’s from another planet, Rebecca’s step by step training will guide you all the way to the end result.

Get your Divi theme HERE.

4. Email Opt-In

Lastly, you will need an email opt-in marketing tool. One that is free, depending on the amount of followers you have or if you are just starting out, which I also recommend and use is Mailchimp. This will be used in correlation with a plug-in Rebecca will be going over in her training once you join.


To join and get started on creating your own website click HERE. Plus get all these bonuses if you join today:


***UPDATE 8/31/2016

The course now has a photography guide and logo design course added!  Everything you need to create your own Website Design Business if you’d like.

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Do you want to create your own website today? Join Website in a Week Workshop and get the professional, easy to follow, step by step course by Rebecca Lutz. Join today and it will be a great investment for your entrepreneurial journey!

If you just want to try the FREE week, you can join here on this banner:


P.S. If you already have a website, what is the most challenging part you encountered while creating it?

Create Your Own Website-Have you been struggling trying to create and build your own website and just get nowhere? This is a great post that will guide you with the necessary tools and an awesome course that will be of help to you for life. If you're tired of staring at a blank screen, you should read this post to get the tools to create your beautiful site within your budget.

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