When Tragedy Strikes: Rebuilding Your Life with Hope and Healing after the Death of Your Child




This paperback book is a must read if you or someone you know has dealt with the loss of a child.

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When Tragedy Strikes

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I have the pleasure of participating in the Pre-Launch of this book and promoting it. I have read this book and will say that I had many moments where I just cried thinking of the circumstances I was in when this tragedy happened to me in four different occasions. I myself have felt deep in a hole and frustrated without hope after having had four miscarriages. Reading this book has brought light and understanding of why I felt how I did. If you have had a similar situation, I highly recommend reading this book. 

Description of the Book

After the death of a child, there is no closure. It is like learning how to live with an amputation—you are forever changed and need to learn how to live a new “normal.” There can be a feeling of desperation to find someone farther ahead on the path who can understand the crushing pain that makes you feel like you can’t even breathe at times. 

Laura Diehl was plunged into that place with the death of her daughter, and meets the deep need to connect with others who have experienced what cannot be put into words. “When Tragedy Strikes”  is the raw account of her journey from deep darkness back into light and life, extending a hand of hope to those traveling on the path behind her, who need to rebuild their lives after the death of a child.



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